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٥٢ شارع جامعة الدول العربية ، المهندسين، الجيزة، مصر


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Corporate Finance

Ensuring that FACT’s clients businesses grow through providing them access to their funding requirements. Optimizing capital structure and maximizing shareholders value for all FACT clients.

We offer tailored Debt Financing that support Corporations achieve their business objectives. Involving raising funds for working capital or capital expenditures by issuing debt instruments such as bonds, bills, or notes, to institutional investors & obtain capital. Our network of investors are eager to lend/finance with sources of debt-based financing or Sharia compliant financing for access to cash flow in order to grow the organization. Our history has given us access to a wide range of funding through a positive process that can swiftly get you the business capital that your organization requires.

Providing Debt Financing for Working Capital, Capital Expenditure, Acquisition Finance, & Debt Restructure:
• Arrange Debt Facilities through Banks (long- term, medium-term and short-term)

• Arrange Debt Facilities through Non-Banking Institutions (Leasing Companies…)

• Arrange Debt Facilitating through Multilateral Initiations (DEG, OPIC, E.I.B., EBRD, I.F.C., I.C.D.,…)