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Equity Private Placement

Shifting from traditional family-owned businesses to institutional structures is best achieved through private placements for mergers and acquisitions.

We offer tailored Equity Private Placements by which helping our clients grow their business through equity investments, joint ventures, and structured transactions. Our long-standing capital relationships with public and investment funds, provide us with a working knowledge of institutional investors’ decision-making processes, legal concerns, investment criteria and structuring preferences. Our contacts and reputation in the industry have allowed us to repeatedly execute capital- raising/private placement programs and establish long- term institutional relationships for our clients.

Conducting Equity Placements to increase Paid-In capital for expansions, Partial or Full exits, Pre-IPO advisory, Mergers and Acquisitions:

• Stock Valuation
• Designing Optimal Capital Structure
• Capital Raising Through Strategic, Financial Investors, or Capital Markets
• Listing and Offering on NILEX
• Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures Advisory